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I'm so glad you came by! Thank you for your time. We only have one life and it's flying by, so let's live the heck out of it, and remember to pause and record those priceless moments! I can't wait to give you beautiful images of your life story to cherish forever!

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I was a stay-at-home mom of two babies when my husband handed me an entry level DSLR camera. Little did he know, he unleashed the photography dragon within me! I couldn't get enough of studying, learning and mastering my camera. The passion keeps on growing. I literally feel happy fuzzies in my tummy whenever I pick up my camera.

As a teenager, long before I ever knew there was such a thing as a career in photography, I was always, by default, handed the camera at family events. I didn't know about ISO, composition, aperture or shutter speed back then, but the passion was already there!

The research professor, Brene Brown, has changed my life. I am less afraid to be vulnerable and authentic and I enjoy life's challenges so much more, as well as know how to handle them better. I so highly recommend all books Brene!

Morning coffee is bliss. For Christmas my husband bought me a Nesspresso coffee machine, you know the kind that lets you foam the milk 13 different ways. Best. Gift Ever. 

I love social cooking—friends gathered together in the kitchen sipping cocktails kind of cooking.

I have lived in or spent time in every country in South American except for Suriname, the Guianas and Bolivia. Brazil is my favorite place to be. Podemos conversar en español o também podemos falar em português. When people ask me where I'm from, I often ask, "How much time do you have?"

In my next life I will be a singer/actress. In this life I am content to listen to music--on good speakers. I still do sing loud and secretly dream about being a back-up vocalist for Chris Stapleton. (We all dream, right?)