I'm Mila

 I take each photography session and wedding day extremely seriously. So, I'll admit right from the get-go that I can be a bit of a perfectionist. When it comes to photography, that can certainly be a good thing. I prepare for your session days and weeks in advance.  I will (probably over) analyze the details and visualize every aspect of your day long before it arrives.  There is no moment of your day, or session, that is unimportant to me. 

I remember my wedding day as if it were yesterday--magical and dreamy, intense and surreal--and then it flew past in such a blur! My wedding photos are a priceless treasure to me now, as they help me to relive each moment over again. I understand how fast it all goes, and so I will work to bring each part of your day back to life and revive all the feelings you experienced through each image I capture.
I also understand how it can often be awkward and uncomfortable to be in front of the camera. (I personally prefer being behind the lens!) But I have studied hard, learned tips and tricks, and even have taken entire courses just to (help me) help you look your best. My goal is that you will feel relaxed, have a great time and forget you are in front of a camera!

The responsibility placed on me to be your photographer is not taken lightly. I will pour my love, heart and soul into every photograph and I will do my very best to serve you and help your experience be the best possible. 

I will be the most excited photographer ever! I will show up with bells and whistles. (Okay, I won't bring bells or whistles, but will show up with gear, for sure!) I will have butterflies in my stomach and will love the adrenaline rush! Wedding days can get hectic and sometimes unpredictable, but I will love flowing with each moment and making it a joyful time!

Here is what you should know about me:

Three biggest things I have learned since becoming a mother

Our children don’t come TO us they come THROUGH us.

The hardest thing is to watch your children hurt: but the hardest thing for a child is when a parent can’t watch them hurting. So, rather than shut down tears or crying, I’m learning to let them work through it and embrace their suffering as part of their growth.

Projecting adult pressures on children makes for stressful moments. Are they really “dragging their feet,” or did I just plan poorly and now I am running late and stressed about it? Dr. Shefali, author of “The Conscious Parent,” has brought a wealth of parenting influence into my life.