Frequently asked Questions

What is your style of photography?

I am primary a natural light photographer. My style is light, airy and true to natural skin tones! I believe that the loveliest photos are born by simply manipulating natural light. I am also a “people-centered” photographer. My first priority is to make you look your best. What this means is I will always be evaluating each photo in the following order:

When do you schedule your photoshoots?

Priority 1:

Find the best even light from head-to-toe

Priority 2:

Find even light in the background to make the image pleasing to the eye and to keep the focus on you, the subject. 

Priority 3:

(and a bonus) Find a beautiful picturesque background. Following this order of priorities allows me to make my clients always look their best and lends the ability to deliver consistent photos at every shoot.
I also do absolutely work with flash for weddings, and will use flash if necessary to capture images when natural light is simply not available.

Photoshoots are usually scheduled two hours prior to sundown. I will be able to capture the best photos at this time of day, including “golden hour” photos. Photoshoots may also be scheduled at sunrise as an alternative. (note: Cloudy days can be scheduled earlier! Any time of day will work when the sky is fully clouded. Indoor sessions will be scheduled at whatever time there is the most natural light available.)

What if I absolutely cannot do an evening or sunrise photoshoot?

If you are only able to schedule a shoot at mid-day, or at a time when the sunlight is still harsh, there are ways we can to still give you images you will love, but our options will be a bit more limited. We will need to work around the harsh sun by using open shade or other tricks to keep unflattering light from overtaking our photoshoot. Even in “bad” light, we can still make beautiful images.

I don’t know how to pose, where to put my hands, or where and how to stand?

Do not worry! I understand how awkward being in front of the camera can feel. (I hear you!) I aim to make your photography experience smooth and help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t need to worry about where to put your hands or how to stand. From your head to your toes, I walk you through each pose (I didn’t intend for that to rhyme 😊) and make you look your best!

What is your pricing?

A photography session is $300 for a minimum of one hour for an individual portrait session or a family session of up to 8 people.

How many photos will I receive for a one hour photoshoot?

You will be guaranteed a minimum of 35 high-resolution digital images delivered via an online gallery for you to print, download and share at will. If necessary, a photo-release will be given to you to facilitate printing at any location of your choosing.

What if I have more people or an extended family shoot of more than 8 people?

One hour may simply not be enough time to capture images of each individual family, group shots, and family breakouts, and the guaranteed 50 images will only give each family a small handful of images. For families larger than 8 people, I very highly recommend adding on an extra hour of time. (See next question for purchasing additional time.)

Can I purchase additional time for a portrait session? Will more time guarantee more images will be delivered?

Each additional hour will be $125,

Is there a contract I have to sign?


Do I need to purchase my photos?

No! There are no fees on the backend. Full gallery will be delivered to you and is included in your price upfront.

Are there any travel fees?

Yes. (Please inquire at for travel fees.)

How long will photos be available for download?

All galleries will be available for download for 30 days.

What is your turn-around time?

Portrait or family sessions: Expect a sneak peak within 7 days and full gallery delivered within 21 days.

What is a non-refundable retainer fee? How much is it? Why is it necessary?

A retainer fee allows me to secure your date for you! This means I will hold your date/time solely and sacredly for you. I will turn down all other inquires for such date once the retainer fee is paid. 30% of the full price is necessary in order to secure your date.  

Can I please just have all my RAW and/or unedited images?

I do not deliver RAW or unedited images.
Picture a chef who is known for a particular dish. The chef uses common grocery items, meats, veggies or spices that anyone can purchase at a local store. However, the manner in which he cooks his dish, the spices he adds, the order in which he adds them, and the amount of time he spends in the cooking process all determine the final flavor and savor of the particular dish the chef is known and famous for. In much the same way, I as a photographer, work to create and edit in a way that creates a unique style. Asking me to deliver RAW images would be like asking a chef to deliver his meal before he is able to finish cooking it or season it. I do not deliver RAW or unedited photos for this reason.
If you are worried about missing out on images or not getting them all, please don’t worry! The images I will leave out of the final gallery are the images you would also leave out. I am saving you time by not delivering images that are out of focus, have people blinking, or duplicates of the exact same image. I will curate and deliver the images that I know you will love! You won’t be missing out on any images that you would have wished you would have.

What should I wear?

After the retainer fee is paid and the date is secured, I will send you style-guide! This style guide will give you ideas of what to wear and help you chose a wardrobe that is flattering to you and will help you look your best on camera. The style-guide will also give you more information on what to expect at a photoshoot!

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